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SMS Business Opportunities

by Donny on April 1, 2011

SMS Business OppBusiness opportunities await those that get in on the ground floor on anything. We saw some amazing things in the early 90’s when Excel Telecommunications came in number 4 as the largest telecommunications company in the US right behind AT&T, MCI, and Sprint.

We saw in 2002 when Ignite Energy started a business opportunity in the deregulated energy market which created one of the largest private companies in the US selling retail electricity service against companies like TXU Energy, PECO, Met-ED, and Reliant.

We now have SMS cell phone texting which is an enormous business service that allows local businesses to easily reach out to their customers regarding sales, promotions, offers, and events.

Email 8 years ago was amazing and is the marketing mechanism that created young millionaires all over this country as they sold affiliate offers through large email subscriber lists. These guys are called mailers and they either have a list of find those that do and get them to mail their offers.

Email has dramatically changed, and although people still use email a lot the open rates are only 7 percent. So even if a customer knows you and opted in to your email list the chances of them opening your message are very unlikely regardless of the subject line.

SMS cell phone texting offers a business service and an opportunity to those who see the gigantic opportunity out here. You see SMS messages have a gigantic 90% open rate. Everyone opens their text messages and reads what they have to say.

People do not equate SMS messages with spam mail at this time and likely never will. SMS texting costs much more than email messaging and requires a bit more work to get people to opt in to receive these messages.

Local businesses have the easiest time of getting people to join their SMS messaging list because they have already established trust with their customers.

The return on investment for places like restaurants and pizza shops is enormous. These places already spend large amounts on print advertising. Through SMS messaging a local business can have a very responsive list and get more people in the door with much less investment than traditional methods.

The SMS business opportunity for people who see the potential is huge. This is a business opportunity that is easy for someone to sell and the downside is very little for you and those you sell to.

By carving out a niche in the SMS market now you will reap the rewards in just a few short years as this service takes off. By this time you will have passed the learning curve and will very likely not only be selling the service to others but using it to promote affiliate offers and maybe even your own product.

If you like what we have written so far you will really like our SMS business opportunity affiliate offer so you can sell this service to local businesses in your area right away. The whole thing is turn-key. Go check it out!



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